Data Unlocked

Building Equity and Inclusion With Data

August 30, 2022 Simon Data Season 1 Episode 26
Data Unlocked
Building Equity and Inclusion With Data
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Alix Guerrier, the CEO of DonorsChoose.

Alix started his career as a teacher. But, he wanted to do more for the world, and to him, working alongside nonprofits was the way to do that.

That decision led him to becoming involved in many NGOs that work to support children and their families, such as Kinspire, Financepeer, and now DonorsChoose.

DonorsChoose is the number one nonprofit education funding site for public school teachers in the US. It helps educators by supporting their classrooms and donating money and school materials. 

In this episode, Alix discusses the importance of data driven equity, how DonorsChoose works, measuring equity, and more.

Ready to learn?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Meet Alix (00:21)

The basics of DonorsChoose’s business model (02:30)

How to measure equity (06:14)

Growing DonorsChoose’s base (13:02)

Is it possible to increase equity? (18:20)

One last question (24:43)

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Learn more about DonorsChoose here.


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